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Located in Spring Hill, servicing Miami, Tampa, Orlando and surrounding areas

Insurance Adjuster

At Armada Public Adjusting, LLC, we take pride in providing meticulous investigations into various insurance claims. The extensive knowledge our adjusters possess, coupled with our comprehensive and streamlined approach, offers our clients excellent service at an affordable cost.

We're licensed to handle all claims, including property, liability, auto, and special risk, among many others. We apply a laser-focused approach—including speaking with all claimants and witnesses—and we dive deep into research to complete a thorough investigation of all applicable losses.

For a comprehensive approach to insurance claims, get in touch with one of our licensed insurance adjustors today at (352) 556-3988

Areas of Expertise

We take every opportunity to protect the policyholder against their insurance company. We boast a wide range of expertise so that we can handle most claims, including:

  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Errors and omissions
  • Construction liability
  • Injury liability
  • Fatalities
  • Large loss bodily injury
  • Automobile fleets
  • …and many more

If you're wondering whether we’ll take on your claim, we encourage you to contact our office so we can discuss your unique situation.So long as the claim includes all the required details and nothing too pertinent is omitted, we will be happy to discuss taking on the claim and investigating it from every angle.

Experienced and Qualified Insurance Adjustors

When we deal with an insurance claim, the investigation will be completed with meticulous accuracy according to all applicable and appropriate laws and regulations. The team at Armada Public Adjusting, LLC are fully licensed adjustors, and everyone possesses experience in adjusting a myriad of different claims.

We foster an environment that encourages ongoing training to ensure our adjustors are up to date with the latest developments in the insurance industry. We're a team of passionate adjustors committed to ensuring claims are accurately adjudicated and fair to the insurer and the insured.

An Insurance Adjustor Committed to Great Care

Your claim is just as important to us as it is to you. We’ll work diligently to locate omissions and errors and extract details your insurance agent may have missed.Our primary goal is your satisfaction, which means fighting for your compensation. Our licensed adjustors have a history of helping our clients win difficult-to-prove claims and ensuring the correct decision prevails.

Since we’re well-versed in the insurance industry, we know how to approach individual claims to secure favorable results. The only thing you need to do is submit the claim to us, provide us with all the details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Choose Armada Public Adjusting, LLC to Fight for Your Insurance Claim

For the highest standards of insurance adjusting excellence, look to Armada Public Adjusting, LLC. With our team of excellent adjustors, you can be sure we’ll meticulously investigate every claim and uncover every detail that will secure the most accurate judgment.

Don’t hesitate when it comes accurately and thoroughly investigating claims. We’re here for you and happy to help. Call (352) 556-3988 for a consultation and risk-free quote. We look forward to showing you what we can do for your company.

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